March 15 to April 16, 2006.

Art is the power to express ourselves and to reveal ones universe in the practice of plastic and aesthetic production. Yves Bouliane draws the vulnerability of the image, always revisited where the mutations of the drawing are decisive whithin multiple systems of a plastic vocabulary of an intimate practice with variable energy forces. A restless artist, his artistic practice is a body-support worked, reworked until it exhausts itself to better resurface in a dizzing demonstration of a freedom of expression on surfaces made abstract. Traces of the artists presence are visible at any moment in the organization of the visual components of his drawings. We discover in a personal manner, a creative desire of self affirmation and the power to evoke, in his works.

The pulsating rythmic gestures of the artist organize themselves with intentional marks and accidental signs that indicate an interiority and spontaneity. The drawing, an autonomous medium for the artist is an intimate place for his creativity. It is without a doubt the reason for which Yves Bouliane uses unorthadox supports for his works (pages from a telephone book, packaging material,) where the pictorial space becomes the stage for the optical arrangements, fragmentations of patterns and the active forces of colour, where the equilibrium of the unstable geometry, the pulsating gestures and the tension of the different plastic elements come together.

Yves Bouliane explores drawing from an inexhaustable creative compulsion and an unconscious materialization of the body from a historical and iconographic knowledge of art. His works are the demonstration of a being in expansion with excessive variations where the natural the flow of markings in his rigorous daily practice are an integral part of the work. Yves Bouliane is passionate about his work.

YVAN MOREAU, Montral March 2006
Installation views









Adrian Gllner 'Volume, Volume, Volume


Lawrence Beck 'Thickets'


Thomas Kneubhler 'Private Property'


Jules de Niverville, Lucky Numbers.


Carl Ostendarp: 'Hands and Feet'
>Yves Bouliane: '4 Patrons Bien Dcoups + Dessins chelonns'



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