April 2 - May 7, 2011

Laroche/Joncas is pleased to inaugurate its new space with Sylvie Readmans exhibition contretemps
This recent body of work brings together large format photographic prints and a video work in which the artist continues her investigations of the peri-urban spaces, exploring questions relating to the temporality of each medium.

The photographs present a series of schematized architectural constructions, which could serve by the diversity of their purposes, as a plan for a functional urban environment. At work in the peculiar materiality of the blurred images, is a graphic insistence on the shape and outline of these horizontal structures, as well as a process of dematerialization of the construct that curiously manages to conjugate two different temporalities inside the image. Through this process, the spectator is lead away from the present state of affairs of these seemingly abandoned architectural remains, and backwards, so to speak, towards their possible point of inception: to their original architectural conceptualization on the drawing board, based on functionality. This experience, that disrupts the temporal unity of the spaces by relating their present state of rejection to their original state of projection, engages the viewer to meditate on the larger issue of the decline of certain modernist utopias as well as their organizational models.

A short video work (10 min.) presented in a loop format, completes the exhibition. It explores from a specific perspective the hors-champ of the photographs by documenting the general spatial context of the images. In contrast to the suspended time and deserted space of the still images, the video piece develops itself in continuity, from a fixed observation point that allows the recording of the actions of the crowds engaged in a strange spiraling pedestrian passageway. The attentive scrutiny of the actual use of a circulation facility, progressively evolves into a form of live theater in which micro events lead the way to a possible comedy of situation. Its general movement follows another curve that leads to a larger meditation concerned with temporal cycles.
Sylvie Readman is originally from Quebec city but has lived in Montral for many years. She holds an MFA from Concordia University (1984) and has been exhibiting her photographs since 1985. Her work can be found in many museum collections such as the Muse des Beaux-arts de Montral, Muse dart contemporain de Montral, Muse national des Beaux-arts du Qubec, National Gallery of Canada, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Muse dart de Joliette, Muse de la photographie Charleroi, Belgium..









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